Onida specializes in providing the highest quality goods for your every agricultural need while offering premium consultancy services during each step of the process – from the planning & implementation stage to the full production and marketing of the project.

Aquaculture and Consulting

Aquaculture surveys and site selection for the utilization of water resources and water management.

Fully controlled, sustainable aquaculture developments using modern technologies, suitable for all kinds of fish and shrimp.

Advanced hatcheries, species selection and breeding.

Fish and shrimp culture year round.

Greenhouses and Crop Protection

Survey and site selection.

High-quality year round vegetable production.

Advanced nurseries for plant production.

Effective control against pests and disease.

Advanced drip irrigation technologies.

Post harvesting and marketing.

Poultry Planning and Farming

Farm analysis and select locations for utilization of automated poultry farming.

Fully integrated poultry processing operation using and applying advanced technologies for increased production output.

Use of controlled environments for breeding, processing and packaging of high quality products.

Product supply year round.

Our Personal Approach

Kindness is a language that we can all understand. We make sure to know our clients on a personal basis before jumping into business with them. While there is a formal structure in the company, there is no hierarchy where one department is not in contact with another. We believe that communication is a key factor among all divisions and people. Our success is in direct conjunction with our client’s success, and therefore our dedication in making sure results are achieved is derived from the trusting relationships we build along the way.

Our Professional Approach

Planning for each project requires a full survey, study, and analysis of its own. Therefore, a project is not given life before a full scale breakdown is revised amongst our experts. Each region has its unique conditions and different requisites. Aquaculture and agricultural projects require rigorous development and scheduling schemes which include a site selection and survey, followed by an engineering plan suitable for each terrain or field. This is achieved by our team who has accumulated the expertise and know-how of developing such structures in various topographies.