Industrial-Scale Farming

Deciding on the type of greenhouse most suitable for your project, along with the equipment that goes with it can be a complex and daunting task. We are here to help you throughout every step of the way. The decisions and choices you decide on moving forward with will have a direct impact on the health, growth and yield. This is true for all categories, whether deciding to grow vegetables, crops, flowers, or fruit.

Embracing Sustainable Greenhouse Farming:

Survey & site selection

Advanced drip irrigation technologies

High-quality, year round production

Effective control against pests & disease

Advanced nurseries for plant production

Post harvesting



Climate & Conditions

Crop Kind


Small Scale Farming

An alternative to industrial scale agricultural development is small scale farming which has a strong correlation with the term sustainable agriculture. Some of the impacts one can have within small scale farming projects are efficient use of resources, increasing food supply for farmers and community, and enhancing environmental quality for future generations. One of our unique implementation methods that can serve as a beneficial start, and as a good stepping stone for future growth and development is Onida's Farmer's Kit.

What is the Purpose of a Kit ?

Allow small-scale farmers affordable access to modern/advanced technologies and methods

Tailor-made design that meets the needs of the farmer or group of farmers

Adapting components of the kit to suit the climate/terrain/region

Taking into consideration the experience of the farmer, and create the training methods accordingly

Create a dynamic learning environment for a community to become sustainably independent

Incorporated Components:


Water Tank


Nursery Set



Protection Equipment

Innovative Agri-Technologies

Small-Scale Drip System (gravity based)

Agro-Inputs (seeds, fertilizers, chemicals)

Agro-Support Package

And much moreā€¦