Advanced Aquaculture

Our aquaculture projects involve modern and advanced technologies, with innovative implementation methods.
Fish farm projects of any kind can provide various benefits and far-reaching impacts such as employment, stimulating partnerships in local communities, and supporting local efforts to build profitable and sustainable businesses that add value to the client, as well as to the country’s economy.

Aquaculture Projects and Consulting

Fish and shrimp farming on land and off shore are the only solutions to the growing shortage of seafood availability in the world. This shortage is mainly due to over-fishing our seas as well as the growing ecological pollution taking place every year. Therefore, developed countries’ markets are willing to pay premium prices for premium aquaculture products, which in turn have a direct relation on what developing countries are and can be doing to get involved. Onida offers all aspects of implementation for aquaculture consultancy projects:

Aquaculture surveys and site selection for utilization of water resources and water management.

Fully controlled, sustainable aquaculture developments using modern technologies, suitable for all kinds of fish and shrimp.

Advanced hatcheries, species selection and breeding.

Fish and shrimp culture year round.

Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

RAS projects include the following:

Tailor-made solutions in any environment.

Near Zero Discharge RAS modules in commercial quantities specific to client production plans.

Indoor solutions for environmental control conditions.

Veterinary service, water management, fingerlings and feed supply.

Regional logistics center facility.

Training, technology, Research and Development (R&D) center.


Today the company is dedicated to moving customers to the forefront of the aquaculture industry and to commercial success by delivering; modern advanced sustainable aquaculture technologies, advanced engineering, integration with green agriculture, new unique products, multidisciplinary fish farming production management and on-going support and service, ensuring updated quality control and quality assurance regulations implementations.

We believe that the best way to succeed is to work closely with the investor(s) and staff in order to understand better each step of the project. Therefore, we believe that the interactive process will lead to the success of the project and the project’s success is our success.

Inland fish and shrimp open ponds and reservoirs.

Integrated and sustainable aquaculture projects.

Inland re-circulated intensive farms.

Cage culture in the near shore protected sea.

Desert aquaculture projects with geothermal brackish water.

Hatcheries and nurseries for any kind of cultured species.

Off-shore submersible cages system for farming under extreme open water sea conditions.