Our aquaculture projects involve the farming of different fish species under controlled environments and conditions

Our greenhouse farming projects are carefully implemented in each region, and use the latest high-end technology

Our poultry farming undertakings apply new technological advancements that have allowed for increase production increased

Onida covers every aspect of practical agriculture practice and business.

Your Aquaculture & Agriculture Solutions

Onida’s team has been taking part in projects all across the globe. This includes countries across the African continent; Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria to name a few, but have also featured in Israel, Turkey, China, as well as other nations across the Asian and South American regions. With such extensive experience, Onida has positioned itself as being a major contributor to some of the fast-growing development occurring in emerging countries, and its industrial-scale involvement has provided benefits such as:

Providing local, high-quality fresh produce

Increased Production

An alternative for expensive import

Innovative Alternatives

Wide employment and business opportunities

Wide-Spread Opportunities

Access to modern technologies

Advanced Technology

Transfer and training of skills and knowledge to apply locally

Know-How & Knowledge

Generating a significant foreign currency income

Higher Income

A major exporter of fresh products and goods

Import/Export Substitute

Our Experience